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Thai malyalee Samajam, Thailand was established in the year 2001. It is a wholly a non Profit organization that furnishes the cultural and social requirements of the Malayalee community in general and the Malayalee community in particular living in Country of Smile Thailand . For more than three decades, the Samajam plays a vital role in incorporating the Malayalee community .


Happy Independence Day


Football 2016

Congratulation to the winner Ayutthaya FC and the runner up Rocking stars FC.
Ayutthaya FC retain their top position with a 3-1 margin win against Rocking starts FC in a thrilling final.


Congratulations to the individual performers,
Mr. Krishna Kumar (Ayutthaya FC)  >> Best Player
Mr. Baiju Bhaskaran (Rocking starts FC) >>  Best Goal keeper
Mr. Ratheesh (Rocking starts FC) >>  Golden Goal




Upcoming Events:

TMS Cricket : 28th August, 2016

TMS ONAM : 25th September

TMS Badminton: 13th November

TMS Family Day: 20th November

TMS Sports Day: 4th December

NEW Year Party: February 2017





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